Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Girl Power Is Awesome!

I personally feel that girl power is awesome! So when Catherine White initially shared a lady mascot on her blog I knew I would watch for it! I had a feeling she was launching a new traffic exchange. And so my hunch was right! ^_^ What am I talking about? It's none other than Hot Flash Hits!

The splash pages are awesome too! Here's what you get for joining this awesome site..

Free Members:           Surf Ratio: .50 / 1 with progressive surf
                                  10 second timer
                                  Auto-Assign at 75%
                                  Maximum Sites - 5, Banners - 3, Text Ads - 3
                                  5% Affiliate Commissions on 1st Level Referrals Monthly Upgrades
                                  5% Affiliate Commissions on 1st Level Referrals OTO's

 Pro Member:                   Surf Ratio: 1 / 1 with progressive surf
                                          6 second timer
                                          Auto-Assign at 40%
                                          Maximum Sites - 50, Banners - 50, Text Ads - 50
                                          250 Bonus Credits per month
                                          500 Bonus Banner Credits per month
                                          500 Bonus Text Ad Impressions per month
                                          40% Affiliate Commissions on 1st Level Referrals Monthly Upgrades
                                          20% Affiliate Commisions on 1st Level Referrals OTO's
                                          10% Bonus Credits on 1st Level Referrals Surfing

Clearly, it pays to upgrade when you can as you get to enjoy more benefits! Pro Membership is at $6.00/month. You can, however, take advantage of the OTO when you sign-up initially and get to save more! ^_^ Plus... HFH offers tiered CTP badges...

and... Mouse Points!!!

So if you haven't checked it out! Join the latest from Jolynn Moss and Catherine D. White today! 


  1. Hi Rain! So you liked Cathy's sneak peak? It was so hard for us not to tell all of our friends what we were up to. It is our goal to help others increase their knowledge of marketing techniques and tools while "Turning Up The Heat" to their websites. If you are not a member, please join by clicking on Rain's banner above. Thanks Rain, we are thrilled to have you as a member!

  2. Much appreciated Rain. I am glad you are enjoying it. We were a little afraid of using the name Hot Flash Hits but we just thought it was so much fun we couldn't resist.
    Thanks for helping us spread the word.


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