Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hunt For Lost Cubs

I usually just skim through email I get from various TE owners on a daily basis. I do read them and choose which places to surf in for the day. Sometimes, there are promos that catch my interest and even if I'm not scheduled to visit a certain traffic exchange for the day, I take time to visit it anyway. That's exactly what happened with me upon reading an email from Traffic Tigers. So what caught my eye? It's the new game the site has... Here's an excerpt of the email from Mildred Ganias, TTigers owner:

We Have A NEW Fantastic Game for You!!!!

Its is called HUNT FOR the Lost CUBS

The more cubs you find the more points you will earn

Every time you find the Cubs--You will earn $0.01 cash and 3/3/3

Every time you claim the cubs you will earn 1 point also.

You will see on the surf bar Hunt For the Lost Cubs in Yellow.
When it is time to find the cubs you will see on the surf bar
You have found the cubs! Surf some more to find all lost the cubs. Click Here to Claim
You need to click to claim and then your prize page will appear.
Your winnings are automatically applied to your account.

On the Menu you will see a New Link called: Hunt For Cubs
From here you can check the points. Each page found is 1 point.

 ==>This Hunt Starts Now and lasts ALL week.

The TOP 5 Members that find the most Cubs, meaning Most Points
Contest ends Sunday Aug 28  at midnight est.

Will Win $2.00 + 200/200/200

Have FUN with the New Game!!!

The cubs are adorable!!! Yey! I gave it a shot and found them! ^_^

I took a screenshot of the claim link on the surf bar. That's what it looks like up there! Go ahead and try it now! It sure would be fun to find more cubs and win more prizes! 

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