Wednesday, April 11, 2012

KC Concepcion -- Cosmopolitan Philippines March 2012

KC Concepcion -Cosmopolitan Philippines March 2012Fun. Fearless. Female. Gotta love KC Concepcion! After her controversial Rogue magazine pictorial comes yet another surprise.. KC on Cosmopolitan Philippines March 2012 cover donning a two-piece swimsuit! Hey, it's summer so what do you expect? ^_^

If you're a KC Concepcion fan, like I am, you'd want to grab a copy of the issue. Read the interview of the "Great Miss Concepcion" where KC talked a little about her condo -- featured with pictures on Yes! magazine ( I will blog about this in more details next time), shared some of her quotable quotes, and revealed some of the lessons she learned about love.

KC Concepcion -- Cosmopolitan Philippines March 2012 

The Quotable KC: 

On making her own decisions:
"I'm only human, of course, I make mistakes. But they're all part of my story. Build your own story and your own experiences to be who you are." 

 On friends:
"This situation made me realize that I really need to value my friends. I didn't realize it until I went through this whole thing." 

KC Concepcion -- Cosmopolitan Philippines March 2012

I suppose she was talking about the controversial split-up with her ex-boyfriend. It really seemed to have changed her. I've always liked KC Concepcion. I think I like her even better now. I haven't met her in person yet, but I would definitely love to!

As a parting note, Cosmo asked KC as to what qualities in a guy are now non-negotiable post-breakup, KC says the most essential one is honesty. "He has to be honest with himself first, " she says firmly, "It's the only way he can be honest with you consistently!"

KC Concepcion -- Cosmopolitan Philippines March 2012 

Ta-tah! Enjoy life! It's summer where I am... HOT! HOT! HOT! ^_^

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