Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Summer Family Bonding : TV Viewing (1)

And so it's summer! Yup, I'm not much of an outdoor person and I don't fancy staying out in the sun all that much. But I would definitely love a dip in an indoor pool. LOL! I just read that so far today is the hottest day with temp reaching 36.2 C where I am. Ugghh! Wouldn't you love to stay in an air-conditioned room? I know I would love that! Plus, I don't have the energy to stay in front of the pc all that much either. The "kids" are on break from school so it's a great time to bond with them. Well, by "kids" I mean my daughter who just recently graduated from high school and my niece who's starting Grade 5 soon. ^_^

Phineas and Ferb surfing
Well, I must say we have found a less expensive way to bond... staying in front of the boob tube in my niece's air-conditioned room :D So instead of having our own adventures, we content ourselves with watching how "Phineas and Ferb" spend their summer days. LOL! My daughter's been telling me about this show, but I haven't paid it much attention until this summer! I must say I'm kinda hooked too! I think it's the kid in me. 

Phineas and Ferb under the tree
The show's amazing! Can you imagine how imaginative and inventive these geeky kids seem to be?! If only real kids are even half as close... lol! ^_^ 

Yeah, I'm not as productive as I usually am this summer.. esp. not with the HOT weather! I totally feel like I want to curl up somewhere cooler and cozier. Nonetheless, I'm just glad that I get to bond with the "kids" this summer. Ahh, the joys of working from home.

All righty, gotta finish this up.. TV bonding time comes up really soon! Till next time... ta-tah! I hope you're enjoying your days too!


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