Sunday, February 25, 2018

Scammer Alert! Beware!!

Have you ever received a chat request on IG (Instagram) from someone who claims to want friendship? I'm not saying that everyone who's friendly and just want to chat are scammers. In this case, it was interesting how it all unfolded. Hey, I'm just a human being who thinks it's nice to be kind to someone and perhaps help ease a little of the loneliness they are feeling. So, I went along for the ride.....

That particular someone requested if we could chat on google hangouts instead. That was fine. However, when they claim that they will send you something and ask for details such as below, be very vigilant. Be skeptical as well. It doesn't hurt to have friends and chat mates, but when they sound too good to be true, be wary, 'coz they probably are! LOL ^_^

Take note of the wrong spelling and grammar. The above email is most likely not from a legit company. There's more below.......

A-ha! Be on point and raise questions. Again, the wrong spelling and grammar do stand out! UGH! Plus, be wary of receiving a call from +122225555 number. I tried searching it on google to read about possible scam related issues on it. I found one that suggested it was from someone who wanted to ask some money or something. Well, I want to add to that information, and so I decided to write about it on this blog. 

Finally, the cat is out of the bag. The supposed package delivery company is now asking for $200 to send you the package. Hmm, seriously? I actually got to watch about a similar story on TV, exposing this type of modus operandi. I bet that this email was sent by that bogus person who claimed to want friendship and even went so far as to propose love. Uh-uh! I detest scams. I don't like people who try to fool others by playing on their emotions or feelings. But I do believe that karma is a bitch. That person will soon receive his just desserts. 

Be empowered! Be positive! Be wise!

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