Monday, February 7, 2011

TicTacToe at Eternity Traffic

Ok, so I got this idea from a newbie surfer I met at Eternity Traffic. At that time, she couldn't win the tictactoe game which comes up after every 15 pages. Winning at the game gives you additional banner or link impressions. And for those who have not surfed at ET, better do so now as I heard that $0.01 per 30pages visited will soon be scrapped come March 2010. Hurry while there's still time! :P

Here are the two strategies I use to win this said game. You may have your own strategies too. I hope that you'll share them too. I am a staunch believer that there is abundance in the universe; and therefore, wealth in any form must be shared! ^_^

Strategy #1

I use this one mainly as I find it easier. LOL! But the second strategy works just as fine. 

Strategy #2

This was the first strategy I discovered. However, I've settled mostly for the first strategy as I find it more user-friendly. Tee-hee! ^_^

Well then I hope you use the knowledge properly and go out and win that tictactoe game!!! Plus, here's another winning I had at Electrifying Hits.

I didn't win at ET, but at least I made it at EH! ^_^ Have another great week ahead! Watch out for more tips. Till next blogging time... ta-tah!

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