Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Made Expert at Click Track Profit!!!

There's no doubt that I've been working hard to achieve it! The moment finally came last week! I finally made it to 'Expert' status at ClickTrackProfit. ^_^ 

It's cool to be an expert!

Yup! I've got the badge to prove it too! Yebah! :D So what do you exactly need to do to reach expert level? Well, you have to reach 1000 hits for your CTP Splash link in a number of sites listed under the CTP program. How long it takes depends on how fast traffic is delivered to your site. I must admit that some traffic exchanges deliver faster than others. But the bottomline is, I finally managed to achieve the end goal for now. Of course, I couldn't have done it without some help from a few of the friends I've made via SX chat. It makes working so much better when you work with a team. I've always been a staunch believer of teamwork and it has been proven to work many times over. 

I actually forgot to include the screen shot I made last time for the CTP Game Challenge. That week featured cute and funny looking animal badges that I enjoyed collecting. Well, I was able to collect a lot more after I've made the screen shot but didn't get to complete the collection. I was 11 badges short of completing it. :( Too bad huh? But it was somehow fun so all's well that ends well. Guess what badges we're supposed to collect this week? None other than members' badges!!! I actually didn't know how I would react initially when I saw that I made it to the top 28 list of badge collectors. Although I haven't as yet found my very own badge -- courtesy of the TimTech guys (Thank you guys! You totally ROCK!!!) -- I made a screen shot of it and am sharing it here... woo hoo! ^_^

My Very Own CTP Badge!!!

This should be totally fun to collect! The only downside is it's tougher to find and collect badges this time around as there are only 28 badges to collect. :(  Well, I'm just going to do my best and hopefully, will work with some friends too to make badge hunting more fun and exciting! :D And since it's Wednesday again, I'm supposed to share another freebie here. For now, I'd like to share once again this Free Report from TE Profits:

Traffic + Conversion = Income


This marketing system is one of the firsts that I've come upon and I'm glad that I did too. I've always considered it to be my road map. So if you're a newbie too and would like to have an idea about online marketing, grab your free copy of this report. You'll be glad you did! ^_^  Till next blogging time... have another fun midweek! Ta-tah!

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