Saturday, April 30, 2011

Safe-List-Monster... Rawrrrr!!!

I recently joined this site after seeing its ads a few times at a traffic exchange I surf on daily. After having joined a few safelists, I'm actually a bit wary of joining more. The reason is that I'm not totally convinced of their effectiveness. Sure they've helped me get some referrals here and there, but these referrals become inactive after some time. So why did I join Safe-List-Monster? One reason is I find it different from most safelists and list builders in that it's not boring. LOL! ^_^
Take a look at this sample splash page:

I like the color of the splash pages and the appearance wherein they looked like hand-drawn images. As a FREE member, it is free to send email ads, but you'd need to earn 10000 points to send one. You earn points by viewing other members' email ads, a bonus when you find this monster pet... Call me strange but I actually find it cute. LOL! Upgrading only costs $37 one-time. However, I have yet to upgrade my account. For now, I just click on member email ads daily to earn points to send out my own email ad. Still, I like this site that is owned by Maryanne Myers. Now I gotta go and hunt myself some monster pets. LOL! ^_^ Till next blogging time.. Enjoy your weekend.. Remember to spend quality time with your family and loved ones! Ta-tah! 

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  1. I was informed by a friend that this post actually made it to page one of google search on the topic of safelist... wow how awesome! :D


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