Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Year That Was...

I started doing online marketing a year ago. In this first year, I must say I learned a lot. Naturally, there was a lot of trial and error during that period. I have joined a few programs, that although sound, are not really working out for me. :(

In one program, I even joined a huge team that promised to give me ten down lines. With a team working together, I thought what could go wrong? Oh boy,  I was not right.! Apparently being a huge team has its downside too! LOL! ^_^ You can't say I'm program hopping as I've waited a year to really give the program a shot. But it has hurt me financially already as I'm investing in a tool that has not given back any ROI. Boo-hoo!

In another occasion, I relied on other marketers' judgment and joined a site they promoted with zest, but one wherein I had qualms on. I did promote with gusto, but the program went down as program owner wasn't quite capable of running it. Boo-hoo-too!

I've tried another one which is a cycler that cycled quite well the first few months I was on. From one position, I now have seven positions. Unfortunately for me, some members seemed to have bled the program dry. I haven't cashed out and now it has gone to sleep. I'm still waiting as to when it will start cycling once again. Boo-hoo-hoo!

Now on my second year, I've decided to cut down on some expenses. For one, I now have my self-hosted site. Since I like blogging and maintaining my site, I'm making that my priority. Fortunate for me, my site's hosted at GVO. Just recently they launched GVO Host Then Profit -- a sort of starter package for online marketers. For only $9.97 per month, you enjoy the benefits of having complete marketing tools -- autoresponder, video producer and video hosting, prospecting system, live training.

For now, I will be focusing on that plus my own email series that I'm slowly pushing out. You can sign up and join me in "Keeping Up with Rain."

I hope to see you on the inside! ^_^

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