Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cast, crew of “The Bourne Legacy” start shooting in Manila Wednesday

Wow! That was my first reaction upon hearing that part of the movie "The Bourne Legacy" would be shot in Manila. II believe I've seen  the first two films that starred Matt Damon. I thought the effects were pretty awesome. It would indeed be great to see some Manila scenes in this new installment from the series. As you probably know, most Filipino fans love Hollywood movies. It's not surprising that news about the shooting is on daily. LOL! I'm sure lots of avid followers even stalk and stake out at the shooting scenes. Personally though I have mixed emotions about this filming. I truly hope that the streets of Manila will be portrayed quite nicely. Sure there are problems of garbage and some not so nice scenes, but overall I hope that Manila will be presented well. I don't live all that far out from San Andres, Manila where the location is currently shooting, but I think I'll pass up on taking a peek. However, if they do shoot scenes near the place where I reside like Intramuros or Jones Bridge, I just might take a peek. LOL! ^_^ One thing is for sure, I'm looking forward to seeing the film once it's out! After all, I do want to know how Manila will look in the film. 

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Actress Rachel Weisz, with foreign and local staff, walks toward the site for the first day of the 45-day shooting of the Hollywood film “The Bourne Legacy” on Leveriza Street, Manila.

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