Wednesday, January 25, 2012

KC Concepcion -- VaVaVoom on Rogue

It seems the year has started with fireworks indeed! ^_^ I said 'Wow!' upon watching on the news on TV about KC Concepcion's daring magazine cover for Rogue Magazine. I remember that she has posed for Rogue some years back. The photos were pretty daring but not quite as daring as her newest cover shoot. 

KC Concepcion Rogue Magazine cover
Brave and bold... is this the "new" KC Concepcion for 2012? I read somewhere that there were a few interesting interpretations for this shoot. I must admit the speculations truly are intriguing, but nope, I won't go down that lane. 

After all, I welcome seeing KC Concepcion as brave, bold, and sexy... a welcome change from her teary-eyed persona on her The Buzz interview from last year.

If you like the "new" KC, here are some more clips of her brave and bold image... (Thank you to the owners of the video / photos.)

KC Concepcion Rogue Magazine daringKC Concepcion Rogue Magazine daring

I am definitely going to grab a copy of the magazine!!! ^_^

More bold and daring KC clips...

KC Concepcion daring production number at ASAP 2012
ASAP Production number with Cristine Reyes
KC Concepcion blue wig Katy Perry concert
at the Katy Perry concert

KC Concepcion red wig party
at a party

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