Friday, September 28, 2012

My First Ever Purple Star from Squidoo

I was debating with myself as to where to write about the two good news from my site at Squidoo. I finally decided to split it up so both could get the attention and the exposure they equally deserve.

edited purple star from Wikimedia Commons
According to the top guns at Squidoo, a purple star is rare and is awarded to top notch lenses that have original content. I am therefore very honored to have finally received my first ever purple star! ^_^

It doesn't come much of a surprise 'coz I know that I work hard on making all my lenses as complete and informative as I could. I don't just create lenses for the sake of doing so. A lot of the content that I write I feel a connection to. That way, writing becomes such a breeze and an enjoyable feat.

True, I want to earn extra income from my Squidooing, if there is such a term indeed. But I also feel that I have to provide content that is helpful and useful. That would involve preparation as well as research. So it does take me some time before I am able to complete a lens. 

I joined Squidoo way back in July, it's actually two months ago to this date. And I'm so happy that I not only graduated from RocketSquids bootcamp, but that to date, I have around 36 lenses.

I'm still going to be working on some. If you like writing about any of your interests, then I would love to invite you to write for Squidoo too. If you do sign up under me, let me know and I will help you get started! And no, I will not be charging you tons of fees. I will however ask one thing of you... and that is to commit to achieving success at Squidoo. ^_^

And if you are wondering as to which lens got the first ever purple star, it's the one on How We Care for Our Guinea Pigs. I invite you to read the story of Gin and Nea. ^_^ I hope to see you at Squidoo! Ta-tah! 

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