Friday, September 14, 2012

RocketSquid Graduation

I'm simply all too happy with my recent RocketSquid Graduation! I even got a trophy for it! You see, this past month or so, I was so bent on going back to all my blogging and all. I planned to blog a post a day for each of the seven sites that I post on. Yes, I did say 7... 4 blogger sites including this one and 3 on my main site - I Am Raincrystal -- plus two sub-domains for it! My schedule was naturally going well. Then, kaboom! I made a decision to join Squidoo!

Yes, Squidoo is one of those user-generated content sites. You join for free. You write posts -- or lenses -- as they are called over at Squidoo. Each one can be different from the other. It's not my first time to join a user-generated content site. In fact, I'm a member at one for a year now -- got my first anniversary accolade there too! ^_^

The thing is, I got fascinated with the format of Squidoo that I gave it extra time to learn and really, really learn how oldies made their lenses. I read a lot, commented a lot, left comments here and there, took quizzes, answered polls, etc. I think you get the picture. LOL!

Then, to challenge myself further, I joined what they call the RocketSquids bootcamp. It's for newbies who have not made at least 25 Squidoo lenses. Of course, I was new so I didn't know what I would be writing about yet. You see, I've always lived a quietly boring and simple life. I didn't think there was much that I could share. Boy, I was wrong! I got my RocketSquid Graduation trophy, so yes, I have now made more than 25 lenses! ^_^ Thanks to the many Quests being given at Squidoo on a daily basis!

The points I earned, the leveling up, and the monster trophies I've received are just the icing on the Squidoo cake as you may say. The bottom line is, I want to learn how to earn as well with my user-generated content.  I don't see anything wrong with that. After all, I do work hard on my lenses. Plus, I bring with me years and years of life experiences that I believe are worth sharing!

It takes a while before one sees any earnings from Squidoo -- two months at least -- from the time you joined. I don't want to expect anything at this time, but I do my best every time I create my lenses. I hope they will on the other hand, help me earn something extra on the side too!

I don't know why I enjoy Squidoo so much at this time. But I'm thinking it's 'coz at the back of my mind, I've always wanted to go into content marketing -- one wherein you get paid for creating and providing quality content. I think that's what I'm doing while Squidooing* (if there is even such a term.. LOL!). 

True, the Internet holds so much information. It's hard to say that nothing is ever duplicated. But each one of us does bring to the table a different personality, perspective, and point of view. I'm not getting any younger here so I do believe I have much to offer too!

Well, that's it for now.. I got to go back to creating more lenses.. plus do some more important daily tasks.. till next update.. Oh, and if you feel that you can also share something of value to the world, why not join me at Squidoo? Try your hand at it! You might even enjoy it as much as I do. Plus, get a chance to build some additional earnings online. 

Join me at Squidoo! Click on my banner above! ^_^

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