Sunday, December 16, 2012

Juan Dela Cruz Coming in 2013 -- Coco Martin, You're The Man!

OMG! Don't get me wrong but I won't exactly consider myself the greatest fan of Coco Martin. Sure, I think he's a fabulous actor and that he deserves a lot of good projects 'coz he has proven his worth! He was even named "Actor of the Decade" by one award-giving body! Indeed, he has come this far from the days when he used to star in little known indie (independent) films. Well, needless to say, most of these indie films brought much honor and award to local actors and directors that I would say they deserve better attention.

Okay, now this blog was inspired by what I just saw on local TV. Apparently, the ABS-CBN Christmas special also included some of the upcoming local soap opera shows to watch out for in 2013. Amazing line-up! But the one that struck me most was the one above where it also stars none other than Coco Martin! He has indeed quite made it to mainstream showbiz. Coco Martin, you're indeed the man of the moment! ^_^

Something to look forward to in the show... it looks like a fantasy action series complete with drama and comedy too! I like it that Erich Gonzales will be playing Coco Martin's love interest. Plus, it looks like the show has a power cast as well. I think I also saw Mylene Dizon, Gina Pareno, Albert Martinez, Jaime Fabregas, among others. I sure hope that this isn't just another hyped up project and that the people behind it will be able to develop the story line well. Please don't disappoint us ABS-CBN! ^_^

Anyway, my mom is now a self-proclaimed huge fan of Coco Martin so I'm sure she will definitely look forward to this one! I hope it gets released within the first quarter of the year 2013!

Are you doing the countdown? It's the start of the Simbang Gabi (Midnight masses) here. Less than nine days to Christmas and counting.......

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