Monday, December 31, 2012

KC Concepcion and Sarah G. -- La Isla Bonita!

I found this on twitter and thought I'd share it too! I watched this earlier in the night. So glad I tuned in just in time for KC Concepcion's segment with Sarah G. Looked like the two girls really had a great time in Brazil! And they're both Viva artists, I wonder if they would get a chance to work together in one project! That would be exciting! ^_^

I'm just glad to see KC guesting on TV. I don't know what her upcoming project will be after her X-Factor Philippines hosting stint. Her TV show with Judy Ann Santos seemed delayed for next year, if it will ever push through that is. Anyway, 2013 will be ushering in soon -- in less than 24 hours! So with that, let's just look forward to a better and brighter New Year ahead of us! ^_^

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