Thursday, January 3, 2013

Extreme Weather Events and Earth Changes DECEMBER 2012

From the YouTube video with the same title... Thanks to the uploader! Very good video that was put together. I wish local news would thoroughly cover or even mention some of these major extreme weather events globally. Are you even aware of some or most of them? If not, I don't think it's trying to scare us on whether the end is near. Well, sooner or later, the rapture will come. As to when that is, perhaps no one knows just yet. Major cataclysms have been part of the Earth's history if you look it up. The question I think is 'when will it really come?

No matter when... it's best to spend your time wisely on stuff that really matter. Plus, spend lots of quality time with family and loved ones. ^_^ It will come when it will come... just be the best person you can be and do lotsa good. Oh, and if possible, develop a deep faith. For now, let's just be informed and go about our daily lives. ^_^

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