Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th (1980) / Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981) (Double Feature)
Yep! You read it right. Today is one of those days wherein the thirteenth day of the month falls on a Friday. Some folks who are superstitious believe this day to be a day of bad luck. Are you one of them? I sure hope not! For me, Friday is Friday, no matter what the date is. I’m just looking forward to a longer weekend, as it’s a non-working Saturday for me this week. Well, technically speaking, I still have my tutorials, but at least I won’t need to go to the office. Besides, tutorials pay better. LOL! ^_^

So what’s all the hype about Friday the 13th? Sure it became even more famous ‘coz of the American horror franchise that released twelve slasher films, a television show, novels, comic books, and tie-in merchandises.  I don’t know about you but the only thing I remember was the very first Friday the 13th movie that I watched eons ago. I think I was just a kid then. I never paid much attention to the rest after that. After all, I’m not that fond of horror films, esp. not slasher ones.

Do you know that there is a term for the morbid, irrational fear of Friday the 13th? The term is friggatriskaidekaphobia. Another term related to that is paraskevidekatriaphobia. Bet you didn’t know that. I didn’t either until I came across it and actually looked it up. According to Wikipedia, the term was derived in 1911 and first appeared in a mainstream source in 1953. I still wonder when and how the “Friday the 13th” superstition came about. Apparently there is no written evidence of it before the 19th century. Urban Legends has a four-page interesting article on the origins, history, and folklore of Friday the 13th. It would be good to check it out if you’re researching about the topic or simply just want to know more about it.

As for me, I don’t really believe that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day. It really isn’t, unless you believe so and in the process, make it happen. So think positive and attract only the positive! Have a great weekend! Be safe! ^_^ Ta-tah!

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