Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Illustrating a Pantun

Previously I blogged about my daughter's project for her Filipino class. The blog was about three different types of poems. This is actually a follow-up on that project. This time around they were asked to compose yet another pantun. On an illustration board, they were to draw about the pantun that they composed. The reason why I'm sharing it here is plain and simple. I'm just a proud mom who wants to let the world to know how proud she is of her daughter's talent. :D
This is the first stage, a freehand drawing done by my daughter. She said that this was inspired by Romeo and Juliet. She has somehow developed this fascination for tragic love stories -- Titanic is another one of her favorite. Staying on topic, I decided to sort of document the making of this project. I'm truly amazed by her talent. It seems that those hours she spent in art class when she was younger is now paying off. :D

After drawing the black outline, she then started coloring the background using her oil pastels from Pentel Arts. I did help her out a bit by suggesting the broken heart design where her poem is written. One part of the background is in darker blue to depict night, while the other is in light blue to depict day. She is night, and he is day.

Here it is finally! The completely colored artwork done by none other than my talented and gifted daughter. :D I truly believe she deserves to get a high grade for this project. And just to share the poem she wrote, here it is:

Till another blogging day... I hope you enjoyed this one. May you also find the time to write that poem you always wanted to compose. Ta-tah! ^_^


  1. what a lovely artwork!

    Could you please translate the pantun to English please? I'm a big fan of the Malay pantun. :)

  2. thank you for your comment! i do agree my daughter did a lovely work with her drawing.

    well, here's the English translation:

    "The Love I Desire"
    I am like the sun & my love, the goddess of night,
    She seems so far away;
    Why doesn't this love seem right?
    Will I ever make her stay?

    *and that's another original from my daughter :)


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