Monday, August 23, 2010

Pet Peeves

I've been debating with myself on whether to blog about this topic. I haven't focused much on negativities that I don't really want to start. Sometimes, however, you gotta face some stuff that really annoy you. Perhaps then you'll find a way to curb that annoyance. LOL! ^_^

For those who aren't familiar with the term, 'pet peeve' is defined as 'a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to him or her, to a greater degree than others may find it.' I'm sure we all have one, one way or the other. So what drives you up the wall? For me, here's a short list of my pet peeves (in random order):

(1) borrowing my pen -- Yup! It's a big deal for me esp. if it's my fave pen. >> there's one way to deal with this.. I keep an extra pen that I won't mind lending anyone.

(2) person/persons walking so slowly in front of me on a busy street or public place -- Arrgghh! Sometimes I feel like kicking or pushing them! >> How do I deal with it? Either I try to overtake them or I simply slow myself down and hum to the tune of 'Ave Maria' since it's usually sung during processions.

(3) squeezing toothpaste from the middle instead of the end of the tube -- This may not be annoying for you, but it is for me! Geesh, how hard can it be to squeeze from the end, right? >> Since this usually happens at home, I just tell everyone to please squeeze from the end or I just end up fixing it! :p

(4) people who block the doorway but aren't going anywhere -- D-uh?! That's how I usually react in these situations. When I'm getting off the train, then I just bump them out of the way. >_<

(5) calling office numbers during office hours that no one answers -- Whatever happened to customer service, huh? I find it strange that I get more immediate reply from e-mail than from a phone call. 

I'm sure I missed a few more minor ones, but like I said, I'd rather dwell on the positive these days. I simply find a way to ignore petty things. After all, I don't really want to sweat the small stuff. I suggest you do the same. Till next blogging time... Ta-tah! ^_^

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