Monday, August 9, 2010

Here Comes the Rain Again...

All right! I would admit my blog is a bit late in the coming. It's been almost a month since the first typhoon hit the nation. Typhoon Basyang (international name: Conson) hit Luzon last July 13. It left more than half of the island, which includes Manila, without electricity. Imagine how that felt! No cable tv watching for my mom and no Internet service for me and my daughter. Gosh, we felt so isolated from the outside world. We tried to keep track of the happenings then by calling friends and family. Rumors that power would be restored in two to three days circulated through text. It was a good thing it wasn't true at all. However, it did take more than 24 hours before we got back our electrical power at home. I missed work the day after the typhoon hit as there was no train service at all. Work is like more than an hour and a half away.

Getting typhoons at this time of the year isn't rare for us. It is officially the rainy season here in the Philippines. Back when I was a kid, we used to look forward to suspension of classes due to strong typhoons. Sometimes I miss those days. LOL! ^_^ 
Around a few days after Typhoon Basyang left the country, another typhoon was spotted along. Typhoon Caloy (international name: Chanthu) had developed northeast of Manila on July 17. The second typhoon was gladly not as bad as the first one. The local weather bureau didn't even declare any storm signals over any part of the country. And the typhoon moved out by midweek. 
Storm signal number 1 was raised in three of the provinces of Northern Luzon early morning of August 4 as Typhoon Domeng increased its speed. This is the third typhoon in a span of a few weeks. By the next day, more provinces were placed under storm signal number 1. In Manila, we may not be directly affected but tail winds of the typhoon usually bring lots of rain. It also brings lots of inconveniences especially for commuters like me who rely on the public transport system to and from work. Don't get me wrong. I love the rain! I just kinda dislike being caught in traffic jams and jampacked trains. 

Come August 7, another low pressure area was spotted off northern Luzon. This time it's Typhoon Ester (international name: Dianmu).  That was last Saturday. Several provinces were then placed under storm signal no. 1. Plus, it brought us lots of rains in Manila. How I wish I could just stay home during these times! :p Well, the latest weather bulletin issued this morning was that the typhoon will be out of the country by tonight. I sure hope so. Like I've mentioned I'm not too fond of traveling to and from work in the rain. ^_^

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