Friday, October 7, 2011

TDG Cash Splash

$4.20 for every 1000 visitors that see your TDG splashpages!

Wow! But before that.. what's TDG? ^_^ I believe it's short for The Dormdough Group. Owned by Kurt Hilliard. I believe that months ago, I've featured here a video that I made for FairTradeTraffic.

Well, TDG now owns three traffic exchanges.. FTT, Coastal Hits, and Fire&Ice.

What is a TDG Cash Splash?

That's what a TDG Cash Splash looks like. You get to brand it with your referral links for the three TDG traffic exchanges, plus you get to promote Kurt's "The Monetized Self" site too. To get your own TDG splash, here's what you do:

  • Join FTT, CH, and F&I
  • Login to your Fair Trade Traffic member area
  • Look for the “Social Profile” link in your sidebar navigation
  • Enter your IDs for Coastal Hits and Fire & Ice – your FTT ID is preloaded
  • Grab your 420 Cash Splash from the Promo Tools and go promote!

You will accumulate cash at FTT as you promote your TDG cash splash!  Cash credit for your visitors is based on unique IP visitors every 24 hours – specific to your reflink, of course.  Or, in other words:

  • Surfer Bob sees your TDG Cash Splash at Exchange X today
  • Surfer Bob also sees Trader Jim’s TDG Cash Splash at Exchange X today
  • Both you and Trader Jim receive credit for the first view by Surfer Bob
  • If Surfer Bob sees your Cash Splash somewhere else the same day, no credit is given
  • All cash is added in real-time to your FTT account
  • However – to maintain a happy database, each hit for members won't be itemized
  • TDG will track incoming traffic, each and every click

Rules are simple too... don’t use any form of autosurf, hidden frame, embedded codes, or any other means in an attempt to grab more than your fair share of the stash…

In Kurt's own words, "We have zero tolerance for folks that don’t play fair ;)"

My advice: Go grab your chance to earn $4.20 for every 1000 unique views to your TDG Cash Splash today. Maximize your earning potentials before Kurt changes his mind. LOL! ^_^




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