Saturday, October 1, 2011

Traffic Swirl Weekend Upgrade Sale!

WooHoo! This is from John Bell's email update...

The Elite upgraded will be ending on October 3rd.  As some of you who have the upgrade already are aware it has a very fast 6 second timer and high credit ratio, up to 2 credits per click (Average elite member receives 1.7 credits per click).  Because of this I can only sell a certain amount of them because it skews the credit ratio.  The site has reached the maximum we can sell for this year, so it will no longer be available after October 1st.  It is uncertain at this point weather it will be available again this year, but is unlikely.

And lastly I've decided to have an upgrade sale this weekend.  Now through October 3rd, All 1-Month and 3-Month upgrade subscriptions are 50% off their normal price.  You can lock in this price forever by upgrading today at ...

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