Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Birthday 2012

birthday cake by Cakes R' Us
birthday cake by Cakes R' Us
It's now the wee hour of the morning here so it's definitely way past my birthday. Yes, it's that time of the year once more when I turn another year older. And hopefully, another year wiser? LOL! ^_^

My birthday this year fell on a Monday so I thought it best to celebrate on a Sunday and make it a double celebration -- Father's Day! Well, since my old man passed on more than two years ago, we still include him in our prayers, but my brother is the only dad in the household now. 

It has been three weeks after my operation, and I'm still recuperating at home. I haven't yet gone out of the house, except for that one time for doctor's follow-up check up. Home celebration is the best option for us. I'm not normally for major celebrations, preferring quiet and more solemn ones. And I also don't usually celebrate my birthdays either. 

I guess this year is a bit different as I want to somehow pamper myself, esp. after my operation. For one, there's my birthday cake that was ordered from Cakes R' Us. Mind you, I'm not too fond of expensive cakes but what the heck! I guess life-changing experiences do make a difference in a person's life. The cake is yummy though so it's totally worth it! My daughter took lots of pictures so we can remember it well! LOL ^_^

Then we had food delivered from a nearby Chinese restaurant -- I love Chinese food! And voila! It was a totally fun family celebration. As I turn another year older (and wiser?) I'm just thankful for the company of family and loved ones. I can't ask for more and I know that I'm too grateful for all the wonderful blessings that I continue to receive on a daily basis.

This year's celebration is well worth it! Although the year is almost halfway done, I still look forward to better things to come in the remaining days, weeks, and months. So till next post..... Ta-tah! ^_^

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