Saturday, June 23, 2012

Get Stuck On Stickers!

Get Stuck On Stickers!

Well, there were badges then -- there still are -- and now there are stickers too! Interesting huh? I'd say it's a good way to build a following. It reminds me of my Facebook game of Hatchlings where I collect lots of nice-looking eggs (makes it feel like Easter all year round!).

There are admittedly hundreds of Traffic Exchanges competing for members' attention. Having some form of rewards in the form of stickers is one good way of attracting and keeping a loyal following. I suppose you can say it makes surfing traffic exchanges more fun when surfers aren't only surfing for credits but also for prizes and tokens. 

The stickers are from Ad One TEN. Surfers can sign-up for FREE and join the sites where stickers can be found. Then you surf the required number of sites, usually 50 sites, to claim your sticker. Each time you collect a sticker, you also get a token. Accumulate enough number of tokens to buy from the list of things available.

You can also join a surf party. What is a surf party?  Multiple traffic exchanges get together in a "Channel" (normally about 4 exchanges).  If you surf several sites at the same time, you will start getting a bonus added to your surfing.

Your Ad One TEN site can also be your sticker site downline builder. Remember to fill out the downline builder page with your referral links from the different participating TEs. Then just promote a single link which is your Ad One Ten referral link.

So what are you waiting for? Give it a shot! Join Ad One TEN and  start collecting those stickers and be on your way to getting more credits and prizes while surfing traffic exchanges. ^_^

Get Stuck On Stickers!

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