Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Changes at Ad2million - For The Better???

I joined this program more than 100 days ago. I must admit I got curious because I was indeed looking for a feasible and viable program to invest in. Then I came upon an ad from a familiar name endorsing this program. I normally do not just jump in, but I had this strong gut feel that this could be a program I'm looking for. So I emailed my sponsor to inquire more about it, and I got a totally good response. Now that's another plus point -- it added to the deciding factor of whether I should give it a shot or not. Well, I did and the rest is now history.

So fast forward to the present... I truly like Ad2million because it enabled me to earn even without a referral. We all know that's one difficult challenge in Internet marketing.. recruiting sign-ups. I'm rather a conservative investor so I only purchased one position which cost me $10.00 plus AlertPay fees (totaled $11.65). One position earns you $0.20 a day. It is truly cool as within 50 days, I was able to re-purchase another position that increased my earnings by another $0.20 a day. Well, I still continues on to today wherein I now have a total of 5 positions, each earning 2% daily.

I do understand that programs such as this always encounter problems when program owners aren't able to plan financial well to ensure that the program continues to earn and not bleed dry in the long run. A few changes have been implemented in the last few months. Initially, there's the mandatory re-purchase for those who are withdrawing their earnings. This way the program is secured in that 50% of cash outs are being put back in.

Today there's another round of changes.. 

Right, so now ad positions purchased would expire after 180 days. Then there's the adjustment in computation based on the age of the purchased ad position. To simplify matters, I came up with this computation for a single ad position:

1 ad position($10) x 2%    x 60days = $12.00
                           x 1%    x 60days =  $ 6.00
                           x 0.5% x 60days =  $ 3.00

Well, earnings have been cut tremendously for sure, but under the circumstances, it seems I can still earn under the new policy. Besides, I'm in for the long haul. I for one would want the program to continue on for many more years. The future remains uncertain. We can only make informed choices and hope for the best. LOL! ^_^

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