Thursday, June 2, 2011

Some More Winnings! Yipee!

All righty, this is a real quick post. Just wanted to share these small but otherwise well worth winnings from a traffic exchange - TezakTrafficPower - and a PTC - ClixSense

Well worth? Naturally! 'Coz they're not too easy to win! LOLOLOL!!! If you're familiar with ClixSense, it has ClixGrid wherein as a Premium member, you will have 50 chances of finding a cash prize hidden beneath each grid. You'll have to view ads and find out whether you've found cash or not. To date, I've won $3.85 in total. Yup, it's not easy to find the cash and so when you do, you'll kinda jump for joy! ^_^

WooHoo! Both won on the same day too! LOLOLOL! I was lucky that day I guess 'coz mostly all I ever get at TTP are credits, banners, texts, or list ad impressions. Cash prizes do abound but I hardly ever find them! To date, I have yet to cash out from TTP, but I know I'll get there one day. ^_^

For now, happy surfing to all! I hope to have more cash prize winnings as these help a lot in my online ventures. Till next blogging time.. ta-tah!

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