Sunday, May 29, 2011

Just 2 Bucks A Month! (Better Believe It, It's True!)

Honestly, I'm a team player and a believer in team builds. So when my CTP upline, Marie a.k.a. mfpsassy, suggested a viable and feasible team build program that will help me build my list up to 15 levels deep, I somehow knew I would want to check this program out. Naturally it helps because I did get help in entering the program. That's an initial $12, that is actually an advance for 6 months of membership. You won't get charged the monthly $2 fee until 6 months after. Hopefully, that will be sufficient time to build your list and establish residual income in the process. 

Several marketers are working together in this team build. We have a group on Skype called J2BAM Members Mastermind Group. All group members are welcome to ask questions and info about the program as well as get advice on the best ways to promote. At the moment, I'm promoting Just2Bucks actively together with my other programs. I look forward to working with an active team and hope that I would get my 2 sign-ups soon. After that I would be helping my 2 direct referrals to get their 2 too. The objective of the group is to help as many people succeed in the program. If you haven't joined it, feel free to read more about the features of Just2Bucks. I would love to welcome you to my team!

Here's a sample splash page that I use to promote this program:

Thanks to Marie for sharing with me her design that was made via AdKreator. I hope to do well in the program and to blog more about it in the weeks to come. So stay tuned! Don't miss this opportunity to work with an awesome team of marketers and sign-up today!

Here's a little something more about Just2Bucks... 

  • It's probably the simplest program on the whole of the internet. 
  • No lotions or potions to buy or sell, no stock to carry, no unfathomable matrix to fill! 
  • This is a listbuilder, that can very quickly build into a full-time income! 
  • If you can sign up just 2 people to a $2-a-month program in your first month, then in your second month you help them to do the same, as that spreads down through 15 levels, with each new member recruiting just two more, by month 15 you will have 65,534 people on your mailing list (see "Exponential growth") and a monthly residual income of $6,553.40, or $78,640.80 a year. That's a nice sum to retire on ...


  1. This is definitely a program that you can grow everyday. Your blog was great, very informative. Its a superb list builder.

    Veronica Smith

  2. Where else can you get the kind of education you will get here just hanging out with all these marketers and all for Just 2 Bucks a month :)

  3. Great post Rain! It is so nice to see everyone working together and helping each other out. This program is growing like crazy and I have met so many new people. Great way to build relationships!

    Jolynn Moss

  4. Great explanations of why teamwork gets people excited. With the low membership fee, the whole internet marketing world is the target market for this. Strength in numbers-and leverage.

  5. Great information. This is a very simple program. Promote until you get two referrals. Then, teach your referrals to get two. Then, teach them to do the same.
    There is no benefit from building a huge 1st level which helps promote the team work concept. Great program, I am happy to be on board.


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