Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Night of Unexpected Darkness

A-ha! Picture this.. it's a Monday night (my timezone) and I'm busy with my usual online marketing tasks.. surfing sites for promotion, keeping up on skype with some fellow marketers, working on my latest blog post for my other site, Internet Marketing on a Budget, reading mails, chatting with daughter on the side, and listening to TV (Mom's watching). In other words, it's a typically busy night when all of a sudden, we were plunged in total darkness. Bummer! We waited a few minutes but still the power didn't come back. Surveying the neighborhood, I saw that other buildings in the area are also in total darkness. Oh boy, just when I want to accomplish so much more and then this... so daughter and I just chatted in darkness. Luckily, power was restored after 40 minutes. I'm just happy to resume some of the tasks I meant to accomplish, but rather sad that I couldn't do more.. not too fond of backlogs.

On the lighter side of life, I have a bit of good news to share. First, while I was surfing in a newly launched TE (PowerCashStream), I got a good feedback from a TE owner whom I happened to chat with on the mentioned site. He said that he found my blog while searching on Google for more info on CTP (Click Track Profit). Wow! For someone like me who has been blogging for over a year but never really bothered much about SEOs and keywords, that is great news for me! Somehow it makes me believe more that hardwork does payoff. ^_^

Then, while I was surfing I was surprised to see this splash page in rotation...

That's one of the splash pages from Grade A Traffic! And indeed, that's me right up there. LOL! Cool one isn't it? I love it!!! ^_^

So here I just want to say my thanks to Kurt Hilliard of FairTradeTraffic (another excellent site I would recommend to anyone out there looking for a good TE) and Jason Wise of Grade A Traffic.

To top it off, I also want to thank Patrick Griffin for awarding me the kingship for his ROOK BADGE! If you haven't visited his blog, I recommend that you do. (PatrickGriffinOnline.com/blog) He's such a good writer that I truly enjoy reading his posts. Incidentally, he also posts updates on the ListLaser 30-Day Listbuilding Challenge.

Once again, thank you so much guys for making my day! ^_^ Gotta go now.. till next blogging time.. ta-tah!

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