Thursday, May 12, 2011

Traffic Exchange Mayhem

Surf A Little, Surf A Lot… MAY-be You Win!

Wow! This sounds truly exciting! Twenty top traffic exchanges have come together to give away lots of prizes. It actually started yesterday and will run till 29th of May. Each day 3 TEs will be featured to give away prizes to 5 winners. 

It's actually tough winning at surf contests or events such as this. But it would be good to surf these sites and make sure your ads are seen during the run of this event. More people surfing would mean more exposure for your ads. 

What do I like about this event? There is no minimum surf requirement! In fact, if you're familiar with surfing at traffic exchanges, this is a huge thing! I do have my daily run and special events mean having to break my usual routine. Since there's no minimum requirement to qualify, I would definitely find the time to surf the featured special sites. 3 a day isn't a lot! ^_^ So don't let this pass you by.......

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