Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011 Plus Many More....

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Today is a special day, esp. for all the wonderful moms out there. Happy Mother's Day!

I feel sad losing my dad last year, but at least, I still have my mom. I have so much to thank her for. Remember to show your mom how much you love and appreciate her.

I treated Mom and daughter out for lunch. Then spent an afternoon bonding with daughter. So happy to see my brother and niece at home and even got a bouquet of roses from them. ^_^

For those who want to read more about Mother's Day and its origin, here's a good article from National Geographic.

Also happening today, Metro Manila was placed under signal no. 1 on Sunday afternoon as tropical storm "Bebeng" (international name: Aure) moves closer to the Quezon-Aurora area in Southern Luzon.

Even now as I'm writing this, we can experience strong winds blowing over the city. On one hand, I'm glad that the hot summer seems to be over. However, I do pray that the typhoon won't cause major destruction in affected areas.

Another major event today is the Pacquiao vs. Mosley fight in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you're a boxing enthusiast then you would have heard of it. If not, well, Manny Pacquiao is a local icon here in the Philippines. Here's an article from the Atlantic about today's fight.

It's been more than a year since I started this blog. I decided to start another blog that focuses mainly on Internet marketing. In this second blog which I called, Internet Marketing on a Budget,  I plan to share what I have learned and continue to learn along the way in my income earning journey online. I hope that you can follow it too.

I gotta go for now and publish this page. We've been having power service interruption due to the typhoon. Be safe and be well! Have a great week ahead! Till next blogging time.. ta-tah! ^_^

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