Friday, November 16, 2012

I Love KC Concepcion -- Tanduay Rum 2013 Calendar Girl

Well, KC Concepcion is my favorite local artist and I've written a few posts about her in the past. The moment I saw the photos on Facebook, I knew I needed to know more. What was I talking about? Well, someone shared her photo as Tanduay Rum calendar girl 2013. There was a link to the Viva Entertainment website as well for the rest of the photos. 

I just knew I had to pin KC's lovely calendar girl photos on my pinterest board "I Love KC Concepcion!" Then KC shared some tweets on her Twitter account. Just had to share them here.

Apparently it's Tanduay Rum launch party for the 2013 calendar girl -- KC Concepcion! ^_^ I love the photos.. but I have two favorites! I'm trying to find out how to get all four calendars if possible. It would be a great addition to my KC Concepcion collectibles. <3 <3 <3

My favorite poses for the Tanduay Rum 2013 Calendar...

                                                        Source: via Rosyel on Pinterest

                                                        Source: via Rosyel on Pinterest

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