Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What's For Lunch and 2012 Word of the Year

Indeed! How random can I get? LOL! So what's for lunch? Today I decided it's going to be Pancit ni Mang Juan. It actually comes in 3 flavors -- adobo, tinapa, and barbecue. 

It's worth trying, if you still haven't. It seems noodles have become a craze locally. Besides, it's nice seeing the leading brand have a new competitor. That's actually good for the market and the consumers!

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Well, according to this article I read, it's GIF (graphic interchange format). If you're not familiar with it, it's those moving avatars or photos that you may have already encountered, esp. if you like reading blogs and articles. It seems that the word has evolved from a noun to a verb!

GIFs are now used to accompany sports and news articles. They're cool is all I can say!

Google, podcast, tweet and blog are the other technology terms that have been named word of the year in the past. ^_^

I gotta learn how to make GIFs! They make your photos really come alive with all those movements! 

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