Monday, April 12, 2010

Plight of a Newbie

I really don't know why I set up this blog. I guess it's just another one of those random acts that suddenly occurred to me. Does that even make sense? I don't know but here I am groping on what to write about. It will come to me I suppose. I don't even know if I have anything interesting to share at all. I'm new to blogging so I consider this as a journey into the unknown. After all, we all try to learn something new in life, right? It can't be that bad and I'm pretty sure I can learn fast. I hope to be able to share more in the days to come. So here's to an adventure that's about to begin.............
Ok, so I've now posted my first blog, then an idea occurred to me. I want to know more about blogging so I surfed around for more ideas. I came across this article from about determining whether blogging is right for you. So let's see what we'll learn and find out.
You Enjoy Spending Time Surfing the Web
Come to think of it, I do enjoy surfing the web or I wouldn't have thought of starting a blog in the first place. I've done a lot of researching and reading on the web in the past. I continue to do so now even though I'm on break from my graduate studies. Plus, I do spend a lot of time on my social networking site, facebook. I thought I might as well put that to good use.
You Like to Write
I've kept a journal all these years. I always have one around. It makes for good reading during boring days. I suppose blogging is the same, except that my thoughts aren't my own and that a lot of people out there can read them. I don't mind sharing my ideas and opinion about matters once in a while.
You're Passionate About Your Blog's Topic
Well, I am blogging about random thoughts, so I guess that qualifies. I'm just starting out and I do know that I need to learn a lot more stuff to be a successful blogger. That's a good start, right? After all, I'm passionate about what I write.
You Can Commit to Blogging
I am in between regular employment at the moment, so I guess I do have the time for blogging. I thought I might as well do something good with the time I have on hand. Writing is a good way to pass one's time. After all, I have dreams of being a writer of children's books.
You're Comfortable Publicizing Your Thoughts, Opinions and Ideas
Now this is something I'm working on. Well pretty much everyone has an idea, thought, or opinion about something, right? Some of us may be vocal about them or not. Whether we write it or vocalize it, to me it's the same thing. Blogging would be my way of "talking to myself" -- out loud -- if there is such a thing!
You're Not Afraid of Technology and You Are Willing to Learn
So definitely true for me. I wouldn't embark on this journey if I'm not willing to learn. Admittedly, there are lots that need to be learned. I'm taking baby steps towards learning them all. One at a time, I'm sure I'll get there.
You're Willing to Take Risks
Well, I'm here so I guess this means I've taken the initial step. Eventually, I hope to add more and enhance my blog site and connect with more people and make more friends in the process.
I guess that's just about it. Reading through my post, I'd say I think I'm on the right track with this blogging thing. I just need the self-discipline and self-motivation to pull through. So here's to another blogging day.. and to more blog posts to come.. Have fun!

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