Friday, October 26, 2012

Movies Galore October 2012

Around last week I blogged about the Movie Madness promo at Lucky Chinatown Mall and mentioned that it's just P100 per head to watch a movie, as long as the movie is shown in either Cinema 1 or Cinema 4 and you watch before 3pm. Well, it turned out that since then, my daughter and I have been able to watch three movies to date! Don't you just love promos? ^_^ Plus, it's her semestral break so might as well make the most of it too! All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl! 

Here's the first movie we watched, with mom and Ate Nilma. Nope, I'm not a huge fan really but I must admit it got me curious. I mean, Vice Ganda trying to act like a guy? LOL! ^_^

I'm not sure if this one is going to break the record of Praybeyt Benjamin, but it's a pretty good cast -- a more star-studded one so to speak. Toni Gonzaga's pretty well-known in comedy and she's one of the best. Vice is pretty funny too. Plus, throw in Sam Milby in the end. He's looking pretty awesome these days. More yummy since his US stint.

My verdict: It's an okay film. I wouldn't rave about it, but it's light and amusing and funny in some parts. If you want to forget your worries for a moment, enjoy this film. I just didn't like Gemma ending up with Mike in the end. ^_^

Here is the second movie we watched. No, I'm not a huge fan of horror movies, but I keep saying that and yet I keep writing Squidoo lenses about them. Pretty soon, no one will believe me! LOL ^_^ 

At that time I was working on a my Philippine Mythical Creatures lens that I felt I need to watch Tiktik : The Aswang Chronicles. Hey the trailer looks awesome! I have first seen it while browsing around National Bookstore. I thought the animation looked fantastic. So my daughter and I checked out the movie.

My verdict: Wow! It's a simple movie -- few characters, limited location, not too complicated plot. Yet we really enjoyed watching the film. It's pretty surprising that it's more funny than scary in a number of scenes. I think I laughed more here than in the first movie we watched. But the film animation is truly fantastic! Lovi Poe looks so pretty even when she's supposed to play a pregnant woman. Dingdong Dantes proved he can be an action star too. I liked the film and would recommend you to watch it, if you haven't yet. Filipino animators have come a long way and we should support them in this endeavor.

We watched this on opening day, so there was quite a long line. No, I didn't watch the other "Other" movies so I'm watching this with fresh viewpoints. I got curious enough based on the trailers I've seen on Twitter -- released by Viva Films. Hey, they do retweet my tweets. ^_^

It's surprisingly a good movie, rather modern. Most modern women will be able to relate to it. A pretty, independent woman who gets cold feet about getting married, a man who's in love with her but succumbs to his desires, and another younger, riskier woman who's obsessed with the object of her affection. I like the modern twist though most "masa" people would probably not be able to relate to the lifestyles of these rich, bratty, privileged characters. I found the social media wars rather funny -- quite the origin of controversy in local showbiz these few months and years. 

My verdict: Like I already said, it's a pretty good film. Yes, there is the 'love and betrayal' theme, but what I like about the movie is I think it ended the way it should. All the characters, main ones and even the supporting ones, learned a thing or two about their predicament. There is a feeling of triumph in the end. Sometimes, in a relationship, love ain't enough. So know when to hold on and when to let go. ^_^ I can't make comparisons with the other "other" movies, but wait till my mom goes and watches this film. She has seen both "No Other Woman" and "The Mistress." She liked the former film  better than the latter. But I will wait and see what her verdict on this one will be. ^_^

Too bad, the P100 movie madness is only until October 31st. I hope Lucky Chinatown Mall will extend it or run it some time again. It's a good way to encourage people to watch movies rather than turn to pirated CDs or DVDs. In fact, more theaters should support this kind of promo. ^_^

Well, till next time... ta-tah! Enjoy your weekend! ^_^

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