Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Online Traffic from Bots -- My Random Thoughts

As I was reading through my HubPages, I came upon someone asking about trolls who have been leaving multiple comments on her hubs. Well, another hubber was kind enough to explain some stuff and share the above article too!

Oh my, I think the article is interesting and it certainly impacts advertisers out there. People pay big money to promote their programs / products, but it would be like losing out if a percentage of that traffic isn't even human. 

I've a noticed quite a few of those web spun comments. Good thing my akismet plug-in filters them on my wordpress site. ^_^ Nonetheless, they're a bit easy to notice. They contain comments that seemingly read ok, but watch out for spelling mistakes as they're sure to include those. Keep a watchful eye and you'll notice more. Perhaps you'll be more guarded when approving that next comment on your blog.

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