Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Best Part of Walang Hanggan Finale

So I get to watch it sometimes, but I get to miss it most times, esp. when I come home late from my tutorial. I'm talking about the hit telenovela on primetime TV "Walang Hanggan." It's much talked about -- yes, I hear it on the news and elsewhere. And seems for a while the whole nation was raving about it.

It's another huge project for Coco Martin who has quite proven himself as a great actor many times over. It's also a big break for Julia Montes who plays the leading lady of Coco. I'm not going over the details as I'm sure a lot of fans have already done so. Instead, I'm going to focus more on what we -- my daughter and I (not too avid fans of nightly teleserye) -- think is the best part of the "Walang Hanggan" finale.

Just to prove some point, I'm going to add some screenshots too. ^_^

 How Nathan first reacted when Joanna broke the news of Katerina's death.

 Then realization slowly sets in...

 Nathan breaks down...

and cries.

Excellent acting from Paulo Avelino! So do we expect an acting award again for his performance in "Walang Hanggan" as the obsessive, looney Nathan? I sure hope you didn't miss this part. 

Kudos to all the cast, crew and production people behind "Walang Hanggan." You sure made my mom happy for watching and following your nightly show. ^_^

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