Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Walang Hanggan Ending -- An Epic Fail

So my mom asked me to put across her viewpoint on the ending of one of the most talked about and watched telenovela on primetime TV, "Walang Hanggan." The show already ended last Friday, October 26th, but she still could not get over her frustration on how the show's writers and directors ended the series. 

She wrote her thoughts in the local language, but since she's not techy enough nor does she want to bother learning how to blog at this point, I'm going to try and write her message and translate it the best way I can.

Mom's all riled up on how "Walang Hanggan" ended.  She felt that the character of Daniel should not have been killed off. After all, his character went through a lot of trials and struggles and should have been rewarded in the end. It would have been better if the series was ended when Daniel and Katerina were wed. Or that at least it was Katerina who had an offspring, instead of Emily (Daniel's mom). Personally, I think they should have copied the ending of Titanic with Rose passing on in her nonagenarian year and getting reunited with her lifelong love Jack. That would have been more epic.

Instead, the series kind of ended in a Halloween like manner where Daniel and Katerina were like ghost lovers who did nothing but run around and chase each other in the after-life. Really!?! Plus there was that scene with Manang Genia (Daniel's grand aunt who adopted him and raised him like her son) and Dona Margaret (Manang Genia's sister and Daniel's real grandmother) where they imagined hearing Daniel and Katerina's laughter all around them. WT?! 

Mom felt that the ending was anti-climactic and that the people behind the show should have run a contest on how to end the series if they didn't know how to best end it. Oh well, that's her opinion anyway. Personally, I've lost patience in following most local telenovela series on TV. They usually start out so well. Then due to high ratings they get extended till the show doesn't stick to its original content anymore. It then tends to drag on until it ends drastically and leaves the audience feeling frustrated. Bummer! 

I think that's why a lot would rather watch Korean or other Asian telenovela shows. Wouldn't it be better if the entire series be completed first then shown later? If it rates high then just follow it up with another project. That's just my two cents. As a viewer, I just watch if I want to. If not, there's always cable TV and US TV series to fall back on. At least they plan out an entire season, take a break, and come back next season if the show continues to rate well. ^_^ 

Well, my ranting is over. I believe I have somehow delivered Mom's message and added my own thoughts too. Till next time... ta-tah! ^_^

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