Friday, September 10, 2010

Beat the Gloom Today

Have you awakened feeling down and out and feeling so low? It's like nothing feels right or good. You're tense and worried and the feeling of gloom won't somehow go away. If so, what do you do about it? In the past, I have had that feeling of gloom. But I consider myself lucky that I haven't encountered that feeling in a long time. So how do you cheer yourself up on moments like that? In my case, I make it a point to have at least a few minutes each day for quiet time. It somehow helps when I get to stop and reflect on the day's happenings. I sometimes use this time to look at my life's perspective as well. It's a way for me to assess whether I'm right on track with my goals in life. Quiet time is perfect for reflection and meditation too. It somehow re-energizes and recharges me from all the stressful happenings around me. Prayer is helpful. At times when a certain feeling of hopelessness creeps in, I ward it off by having a moment of prayer. It usually works. 

Well, here's a little something that might help make your day right. It's a short, original poem I wrote some years back to recite or chant as I wake up in the morning.

"At the start of the day
Blessings be on my way.
And as the sun starts to shine, 
everything will be just fine."

Try it. It might work for you as well. It even works on rainy mornings. LOL! ^_^ It's a holiday where I am right now, so I'm writing this from the comforts of home. I love holidays!!! :D Anyway, have a great, fun and stress-free weekend! Till next blog...

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