Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Residual Income

I decided to research today on the definition of residual income. I actually found a lot of links from Google search that offer very good definition of the term. So why did I suddenly think about this topic? Well, I've been doing a lot of thinking lately and realized that this is one aspect I would need to work on in my life right now. I've been employed since I graduated from the university but found that my active income from employment wasn't enough for something more. Indeed, I've been exploring the concept of being my own boss, where I will be actively working for myself to build what you would call a "nest egg." This is something that isn't easy to do when you're just relying on your monthly salary or wage. Let's face it. Being an employee won't make you rich. Sometimes it doesn't even guarantee comfortable living. What you do get from it is hand-to-mouth existence. You're paying your bills and waiting for the next pay day. It goes on and on and on. That's until you find a way to make more on the side in addition to your salary or wage. I must admit I'm on a journey right now, one that I hope would enable me to find a way to earn more in terms of residual income. 

Here's a really good article I found by Scott Allen on Passive Income. It is indeed very informative. After all, who wouldn't want to earn more and work less? ^_^ Reading about the topic is a start. Next step would be on taking steps on the path to find residual income. I would definitely share my experiences on my journey. After all, I do believe that wealth / prosperity should be shared. There is abundance in the world. With that, there goes another blogging day. Till next time... Ta-tah! :D

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