Tuesday, September 21, 2010


That's right! I see myself in that picture. I was really that sick since Sunday, a day after the bowling tournament at work. The tournament was in celebration of the company's 40th Anniversary. Well, it was actually the first time ever that I played bowling. I'm not really a sporty person so I don't pursue sports. In fact, I took ballroom dancing and modern jazz as my P.E. electives way back my university days. LOL! ^_^ Going back to the topic, I've never felt so weak in my life. And then there was the fever and sore throat. :( The feeling really sucks! Big time! I couldn't even get out of bed. So I took an extra day off from work the following day. A little bit of herbal medicine courtesy of mom really helped make me feel better. I'm so glad mom likes brewing herbal teas. :D 

Well it's back to work today for me. But I still have the sore throat and dry cough. But if it's any consolation, at least I can already get out of bed. Yey! That would mean more computer time for me at home. LOL! ^_^ So here's to more blogging days....... and remember to sip that herbal tea. :)

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