Monday, November 14, 2011

Are Web Traffic Exchanges Worth the Time and Effort? (A Reaction)

I have been slacking this past week and as such, I've been really trying to challenge myself to bounce back. So I took a little break here and there.. hey, I'm human too.. sometimes the real world catches up and you encounter issues that you deem are more necessary. Well, I haven't been totally back on track since slacking off.. LOL! But since then I have blogged about a cause to support a childhood cancer research foundation, some real life local news that seemed interesting -- at least to me they were -- and an original self-help article that was inspired from a newsletter I'm currently subscribed to. And now this...

Huh? What's this about? Well, I'm a web traffic exchange user, have been for a year. I'm not totally addicted to it, although surfing some traffic exchanges (TEs) is part and parcel of my daily schedule. I have not been surfing as many TEs as I used to. I have mainly chosen a few ones that I truly like and ones wherein I'm still upgraded at. Hey, I even have a lifetime upgrade at one of them!

Well, an associate shared a link to an article with the same title mentioned above -- for which I just added '(A Reaction)' as I will be sharing my own views about said article. Well most of us perhaps already know what a web traffic exchange is. For those who don't, a traffic exchange is a program that you can join -- FOR FREE, yes most of them are -- wherein you view some ads to earn credits so that your own ads will be viewed by others as well. The ratio on most sites vary, but an associate advised that 3:1 sites aren't usually worth the time.(3:1 ratio means you view three sites before your site can be viewed once.)

The personal opinion of the author of the article is that TEs aren't worth the time, effort or money that you need to put into them. It could be one way to get an increase in traffic numbers, but that there are definitely better ways to increase your traffic. As I mentioned, I've been a TE user for at least a year now, and I'm sure others who have been using them longer would violently object or react to the claims of the author. I, however, wouldn't totally disagree. True, advertising on TEs has somehow helped in "branding" me as I now use personalized splash and squeeze pages. And time and again, I have "met" some surfers on chat who would mention that they have seen my ads around.

However, there is the point that most of the visitors that your site will receive from TEs will not be targeted. And what you ultimately want and need are targeted visitors who are out there seeking exactly what you have to offer. A really good way to find targeted visitors is to consider other avenues wherein you could bring your site -- featuring your products and services -- to others searching for specific keywords. Therefore, undertaking an SEO campaign wouldn't be such a bad idea. You see, you spend time on surfing different TEs. Some of that same amount of time are also well spent on improving your site so that it gets searched better via the different search engines. In this day and age wherein competition is tough, we can't totally dismiss the various other ways of increasing web traffic. Putting effort into SEO is an effective long term plan. It does take time, effort, patience, persistence, perseverance, and many other terms you can come up with. If you're itching for a quick scheme, this is not the way to go, but you'll be thankful in the long-run if you did consider it.

Perhaps some gurus out there would disagree with me, but this is my personal opinion. Besides, I'm convinced that there are marketers out there that are not totally dependent on TEs alone. And that some who have already made it don't totally just rely on TEs for their income. I wouldn't be surprised if they too have other sources of income outside of TEs. 

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