Wednesday, November 16, 2011

On Philippine Politics and Headlines

Government stops Arroyo flight 

I don't usually meddle in talks about Philippine politics. Sure I have an opinion or two just like the rest of the citizens of the nation, but I prefer to reserve my opinions to myself and comment privately instead of reacting violently on any public forum. Instead of detailing the issue at hand, just click on the two article links from above and read more about the topic. 


Philippine politics is truly interesting, with all the fanfare (a spectacular public display) and drama. It sometimes beats all the teleserye (soap operas) we love to watch on TV. The main difference is the teleserye we watch tend to have happy endings and the protagonist always wins in the end. In real life, however, how do we know who the protagonists or antagonists are? We sometimes represent opposing viewpoints, both of which could be valid and acceptable. The above-mentioned topic did leave a few questions on my mind... can the public still trust the Supreme Court? Given IF they were allowed to leave, would the Arroyos ever come back? Were the Arroyos in a rush to leave the country? (Sorry but it appeared that way to me!) Well, one thing for sure, this is one drama that should not be missed. We don't know how it would end, but I do hope and pray that whatever comes out of all the hype, the Filipino people would win in the end. ^_^



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