Tuesday, November 29, 2011

PJ and KC Break-Up.. and Life Goes on...

When I thought about writing this post, I was thinking about how life does go on for ordinary people like me. Little did I know that it was true, as I will share later on towards the end of this post. True, after watching KC Concepcion's one-on-one interview with Boy Abunda on 'The Buzz' last Sunday, I was a bit saddened that my fave local showbiz celebrity couple PJ and KC (Piolo Pascual and KC Concepcion) headed Splitsville.

The news has been talked about in most entertainment circle I guess and I've come across quite a few written about it on the Net. There was even one whole article written just to share about the different reactions via social media sites Facebook and Twitter. LOL! Talk about people being into rumors and gossips esp of celebrities' private lives huh? ^_^ It's as if our own lives aren't interesting enough! Well, as a fan and supporter of both these celebrities, I am indeed disappointed, but then that's life I suppose. Showbiz is showbiz.. things aren't always what they seem.. and fairy tales don't always have happy endings -- at least not in real life.. although sometimes you wish otherwise. 

Perhaps if I could rewrite a different ending to this story, I would have. But hey I'm just a fan, an outsider. As curious as I am as to the real reason of the break-up, I don't believe I really want to know. I'll still be here to support their individual projects. After all, that's why I became a fan in the first place. Their personal lives, as far as I'm concerned, well, it's personal and private! ^_^ And life goes on...

Here's the irony.. before I was even able to work on this post, I was called away by the sounds of fire trucks in my neighborhood. I rushed out to see what the commotion was about... Lo and behold! The building right across from ours was on fire!!! I tweeted about it and expected electrical power to be out in a few. True enough the fire was so huge it lasted till almost 6 a.m (almost 4 hours). We had to stay up to make sure all will be well. I certainly didn't dare sleep while a massive fire was raging just across the street. LOL! ^_^ My brother has all the pics and videos so perhaps I'll get some copies and share them next time around. But just to let you know that this is not fiction, here's an article about the fire posted on Inquirer News:

P7M worth of properties destroyed in Binondo fire

At the end of the day -- or rather night, since the fire wasn't out till morning time -- we're just glad that all is well and we weren't in any way affected by it. And life indeed goes on...



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