Friday, November 11, 2011

'Lolong' world largest captured salt water crocodile

Time and again I find local news reports that are of interest. Aside from acclaims and awards from foreign bodies, the news about the measurement of "Lolong" by National Geographic experts caught my fancy. Months back, the capture of this huge crocodile was all over the local news. It was believed to have been responsible for the disappearance of a local resident and the killing of a carabao. 

Australian crocodile expert Dr. Adam Britton named "Lolong" as the largest and biggest captured salt water crocodile. But I believe that we still have to wait a few more months before the Guinness World Records officially recognizes "Lolong." 

How I wish Agusan del Sur isn't that far away from me so I could visit and take a peek at "Lolong." Tourism has apparently improved in the town where the world's largest crocodile is held -- Bunawan Eco-Park. At this time, however, "Lolong's" picture will suffice. Local croc hunters also claim that there's another large croc on the loose.. bigger than "Lolong".. makes me wonder if they would be able to catch it at all.

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