Sunday, November 6, 2011

Promoting via Mailers

Two mailer programs launched recently. Although I don't usually promote programs until I've tried them out for quite some time, I'm just excited to start using them so I'm sharing them here.

Join Free and Receive $100 in Advertising!

First one is from Marty Petrizza, owner of Website Traffic Hog and Hot Website Traffic.. it's called Email Hog.

You'll Receive...
5000 Mailing Credits $50 Value
1 Login Ad w/1000 impressions $15 value
2 Solo Ads $20 Value
2 Text Links w/ 1K Ikmpressions $10 Value
2 Banner Ads w/ 1K Impressions $10 Value

Click the "Advertising" button and redeem Promo Code: newmail

Viral List Builder Plus

The other one is from John Bell, owner of Traffic Swirl and Fast Cash and Traffic.. it's called Viral List Builder Plus.

--Schedule your mailings at any time, but have them sent only at the time YOU specify.
--Competitive credit and upgrade pricing
--Tracking comes standard! View the results of your last 25 emails.

Redeem Promo Code: openemail

Using mailers is one way of promoting your site or program. I do get good results from sending out mails. However, not all mailers are created equal. Whereas there are some that really work, there are others that aren't quite as effective. Track your ads so you'll know which ad campaign works best. Plus, head over to my main blog to read my latest series on 101 List-Building Tips.



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