Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Taking A Long Weekend Break

I'm so guilty of slacking this past week and the past few days. That's mainly 'coz it was halloween week and the semestral break as well for most schools. My daily routine has somehow been disrupted and over the week I have somewhat formed some new patterns. Two weeks in a row of a long weekend is sure enough to send anyone down the lazy joint.

I don't want to add too much drama but daughter got stomach flu so a trip to a gastroenterologist was inevitable. Plus, I now feel a bit old as I do have this lower back pain to contend with that I don't feel like sitting in front of my pc for too long.

A birthday celebration is in order so we had a little family bonding away from home. It would have been more fun had it not been for a bit too much rain on Sunday afternoon. Nonetheless, I watched the kids swim away in the rain.

I didn't bring a camera -- not that I have a working one -- but still managed to find a nice picture of where we spent the weekend. It was cool except for the rather heavy rains in  the afternoon so we didn't trek anywhere else except the pool. LOL! A lovely view from the room.

Pearl Manila Hotel

I'm not too fond of swimming, esp. not in the rain. But the kids -- a teen and a kid really -- enjoyed it. I was just their "babysitter" and contented myself in sitting in a covered area while I watched the pool. 

Pearl Manila Hotel

The night was pretty quiet, except for a trip to a nearby food joint for dinner, a round of monopoly game with the teen and the kid while watching reruns of Supernatural on DVD. But I'm glad we didn't miss this...

Khalil Ramos on GGV
Khalil Ramos on Gandang Gabi Vice

Yup! Khalil Ramos guested on night comedy show "Gandang Gabi Vice." It was such a short segment but nonetheless fun and hilarious. And here I was just wondering where and when his next TV appearance would be. 

Bummer the weekend had to end. LOL! ^_^ Taking a break was much needed, but it's a bit tough trying to get back on track.

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