Saturday, November 26, 2011

Video Promotion for Winning Solos Text Ad Exchange

Try our slideshow creator at Animoto.

Yes, I've been working lately at coming up with ways to promote and grow Winning Solos Text Ad Exchange. So how do you use a text ad exchange? When you first sign up, look for the confirmation email in your mailbox and verify your account. Then log into your account to set up your advertising campaigns. The most tedious part in using a text ad exchange is the setting up of your banner ads, text ad links, and other ad campaigns. After the initial set up, you can log into your account once a day to claim the daily bonus points and send out ads.

You can earn points from several different ways:
A) By clicking Browse Text Ads.
B) By clicking Browse HTML Ads.
C) By clicking View Traffic Links.
D) By Clicking View PTC Links you will earn cash.
E) By clicking Browse Solo Ads.
F)By clicking on Featured Ads
G) By clicking Browse Admin Emails
H) By clicking on Banners
I) By clicking on Banner Buttons
J) By clicking on Top & Bottom Navagation Links
K) By clicking on Traffic Links
L) By clicking on Hot Links

Likewise, you can post several different ad campaigns that you have available to you. You can even trade your earned points for advertising! ^_^ Next time around, I'll post more about the different types of ads. Join Winning Solos today! I hope to see you on the inside...


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