Sunday, March 20, 2011

Just Launched -- Viral Bonuses!!!

Viral Bonuses

If you act right now, you can grab insane bonuses worth hundreds of dollars, for absolutely free.

There are no catches or upgrades... guaranteed.

Darren Olander and Jared Silver have arranged exclusive deals with top owners of advertising sites and other related internet marketing owners to provide you with TRUE value, that customers buy regularly.... but you can get it all without spending a single penny.

You can claim 10 bonuses right now, signup here to check them out:


But, that's not all!

They are adding one NEW bonus every week, so although there will be 10 bonuses listed at one time... all you have to do is check the site each week and you can claim another freebie!

This will amount to thousands of savings in advertising, membership fees, and products....

Grab them now:


- Seriously, there is no catch. You really can get REAL quality bonuses that people are buying daily for absolutely free...

But only through Viral Bonuses.

- and these aren't some lame bonuses either, they are really great, from top ranked sites and products that Darren and Jared have tested and use to deliver great quality.

These are bonuses your business needs and deserves, get them now:


Viral Bonuses

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  1. Hi Rain,

    Thank you very much for promoting Viral Bonuses!

    I truly appreciate it.

    - Jared Silver

    PS... I'd love to know your thoughts on what we can improve. Feel free to email me if you wish, at Jared[at]


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