Saturday, March 26, 2011

Latest C.T.P. Kraze -- Badge Frenzy!!!

Yes, I must admit that even I have fallen victim to this latest kraze! (Spelled with a 'K' - inspired by Adkreator) I've been working hard on reaching expert level and I've been getting a lot of help from StartXchange friends, including my upline in ClickTrackProfit, Marie a.k.a. mfpsassy. However, just a few days ago, TimTech LLC guys -- Jon Olson, Tim Linden, Justin Ledvina, and Harry Dame -- have started giving out "codes" to redeem for BADGES!!! If you're a CTP member, just go ahead and log into your CTP back office and you'll see a link that says "Click Here to Redeem Your Code". Apparently these codes are scattered in all the TimTech sites -- StartXchange, ILoveHits, Sweeva, AdKreator. Once you've redeemed a code, a corresponding badge will appear on your CTP Profile page.. like the one that follows

As you can see, my page is a work in progress.  I think I got two more badges since I took a screen shot of my profile page above. Well, wish me luck on the badge hunting and now I'll get back to surfing to get to that Expert Level that I've been working on. If you haven't joined yet, please join under me. I'll do my best to help you out in getting the best from this program! SEE YOU IN THE INSIDE... ^_^ 

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