Tuesday, March 8, 2011

NEW! The Party Has Started..

Promo Party Pack has launched...and what a party it is!

40 of the most well known and respected advertising site Admins are already there, and you wouldn't believe what they have done! They have filled up your "Goody Bag" with $13,826 worth of Exclusively Fre.e Advertising! No e-books or downloads.  Just quality advertising we all need.

Admission to this party is free.

Just for attending, you will receive $200 in Fre.e Advertising PLUS a Fre.e Solo Ad to 5000, valued at $30!  You can also email 500 other party goers every 10 Days with your credits! Even free members earn 10% commissions paid weekly!

Plus, for a very reasonable "Cover Charge", earn up to 50% Commissions, email your opportunity to up to 5000+ other party goers every 3 days, and grab that $13,826 Goody Bag!!

Come spend some time at the Party of 2011 with the "Who's Who" of Internet Marketing!

To our Mutual Success!

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